HVAC Tax Credits-Learn About the 2012 Benefits

April 20, 2012

A new air conditioner is a large expense that is typically worth it because of the money you will save on cooling your home. A tax credit is one way to make purchasing one of the new, more efficient air conditioning options more affordable. Here is what is available for homeowners in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas who purchase a new system from local air conditioning specialists in 2012.

This year there are some interesting new HVAC tax credit programs available for those who choose one of the new, sustainable energy air conditioning options. The first one awards 30% of the cost of the air conditioner back to the consumer when a geothermal heat pump, small wind turbine, or solar energy system is installed by an air conditioner repair and installation company. The home must be either your primary or secondary residence; new air conditioner systems for rental properties do not qualify.

The second program is similar to the first, since it also pays 30% of the cost of the system back to the homeowner following installation of the new system by an air conditioner repair and installation technician. This credit is for those who purchase a fuel cell air conditioner system from air conditioning specialists. With this credit, the amount that will be awarded following installation by a professional air conditioner repair and installation contractor is based on the power capacity of the fuel cell unit.

Air conditioning is so important during the hot summer months in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas. The air conditioning specialists at JD’s Air Now are available to go over all of your air conditioning options with you, so you can take advantage of any applicable federal tax credits and remain cool this summer.

Just as air conditioning options are constantly changing as new technology is introduced, state and federal tax credit programs also change frequently. The staff at JD’s Air Now includes air conditioning specialists and professionally trained air conditioner repair and installation technicians who will be happy to help you choose the best air conditioning options for your home, and assist you in determining if you can take advantage of any 2012 HVAC tax credits.

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