Is There Any Difference in Air Filters? Cost vs Efficiency

Jan 20, 2012 

Scientific studies suggest that the air indoors is often 20 to 50 percent more polluted than the air outdoors. The air circulating indoors has such a high concentration of dust and allergens that carry microorganisms, potentially causing damage to the human body. Households and business establishments in Longview, TX, and surrounding areas can improve indoor air quality by maximizing the benefits provided by air conditioning and heating installation.

One major component of heating and cooling systems is the air filter. Clean and safe indoor air is a refuge from the densely polluted air outside. However, the necessary air filters must be properly installed and maintained to keep out the harmful elements that are carried with the airflow.

There are a lot of furnace filters and air conditioner filters to choose from. These filters can be slightly different, depending on the kind of filter that the HVAC equipment needs. It is important to keep track of the kind of air filter that is most suitable for the HVAC unit used, to avoid unexpected air conditioning and heating repair.

If your system needs a reusable filter, electronic or electrostatic filters offer the best return on investment. Following a regular cleaning schedule will guarantee efficient performance. Changing filters regularly can ensure that homeowners won’t need regular air conditioning and heating repair. It also helps keep heating and cooling costs down by allowing the unit to run more efficiently.

Pleated air filters also have electrostatic properties. They come in a variety of designs to match different systems. One great feature of this kind of filter is the odor control provided by charcoal-impinged fibers embedded in the filter.

Those in Longview, TX, and surrounding areas can schedule air conditioning and heating installation with licensed HVAC service providers that can assist in choosing the most suitable air filter for heating and cooling systems.

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