A ductless system is a great option for Longview, Texas, homeowners who have built new office additions onto an existing home or garage. With no ductwork to install and many affordable models to choose from, a ductless system is perfect for keeping your home office cool and comfortable.

Compact Size

Ductless systems are compact. which makes them ideal for small living spaces and new additions. If there’s a space in your home without ductwork, it’ll benefit from a ductless system.

Also called mini-split units, service technicians mount ductless systems on an exterior wall. They’re then connected to the outdoor compressor via refrigerant lines. They’re more streamlined than traditional systems, but they’re just as powerful.

Improved Efficiency

Without all that ductwork to get through, ductless units provide direct air where you need it. In the case of a home office, you can switch on the unit and enjoy cool, targeted air immediately. Since there’s no ductwork involved, you never lose any of that conditioned air through duct leaks.

If you’ve considered a window AC for your new office addition, reconsider. Ductless systems are much more efficient than the highest rated window unit. Even though you’ll pay more upfront for the ductless system, you’ll save in the long run.

Heating Capabilities

Ductless systems aren’t just air conditioners; they also work in reverse to heat a space in the winter. If your home office is up in the attic, over the garage or in detached quarters, you know how cold it can get in the winter. No matter how extreme the temperature, these systems can deliver.

Learn more about ductless systems and our other air conditioning solutions for your home by calling JD’s A/C at 903-374-4012. Our service technicians are happy to discuss all the options for that new home addition. 

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