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Good Air Conditioning is Necessary for the Hot Texas Sun

Texas summers can be unbearably hot, and the city of Gladewater is no exception. When temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher for days on end, a working air conditioner is an absolute necessity. JD’s A/C is a professional HVAC company that offers air conditioning repair, new installation and preventative maintenance for all types of air conditioners. The company also offers heating services during the cooler months of the year. In order to keep customers happy and coming back to Gladewater, area businesses need a reliable HVAC company like J D’s A/C. People in Texas go inside to escape the heat, so it is essential that both residential and commercial air conditioners work properly.

About Gladewater

The City of Gladewater, Texas was founded in 1873 by the Texas and Pacific Railway Company. Gladewater established its first post office in August of 1873 and incorporated as a town in 1874. In its early days, Gladewater had a population of approximately 150 people. Today, more than 6,400 people call Gladewater their home. The city is officially known as the “Antique Capital of East Texas.” This is due to the numerous shops in downtown Gladewater selling antiques that pre-date the incorporation of the city. Gladewater is located 105 miles east of Dallas.

The average age of a Gladewater resident is 35 years old which is slightly younger than the state average of 40. Households in Gladewater earned an approximate income of $35,000 in 2009. This figure is significantly lower that the state average of $48,000. Of the 6,400 people who live in Gladewater, roughly 3,400 are females and 3,000 are males. The weather in Gladesdale, Texas remains fairly mild throughout the year. The temperature in January can be as high as 60 degrees, with lows rarely going below 35 degrees. The average summertime temperature can reach as high as 95 degrees.

Adventurous travelers to Gladewater,Texas may want to check out Skydive East Texas, a full-service drop zone that is located near Gladewater Municipal Airport. The company offers individual and group lessons, parachute jumps and flight instruction. To date, Skydive East Texas has recorded more than 115,000 successful parachute jumps from its airplanes. The company is open during all four seasons and welcomes customers with any level of experience. People are encouraged to make reservations ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment. This is particularly recommended for groups.

Antique shopping is a favorite pastime for people who live in Gladewater year-round as well as those who are just visiting. There are 30 different antique malls located within the city. In addition to the shopping opportunities, many of the hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes are decorated in antique themes. More than 200 individual antique dealers and crafters contribute to the ongoing success of the antique malls in Gladewater.

People who enjoy water sports will appreciate all that Gladewater Lake has to offer. The lake has a boat dock and launching area that is large enough to accommodate 75 cars or trucks with trailers attached to them. There is ample space for fishing and a swimming beach that spans two acres.

Garland Ferguson Park, which is across the street from Gladewater Lake, has picnic areas and gazebos for rent for anyone who is thinking about hosting a gathering of friends or family. The park is also equipped with tennis courts, basketball courts, a large playground and several baseball diamonds.


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