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Located in nearby Longview, JD’s A/C is never far away when it comes to ensuring the year-round comfort of our neighbors in the Hallsville, TX area. Because we believe in providing customer-centered AC heating and air services, our experts are always available to advise you on the HVAC issues you face. Whether you need heating or air conditioning repair, maintenance or replacement, our specialists are here to answer your questions and provide consistent and dependable indoor comfort for you and your family. Because excellent HVAC service is our standard, you can always count on us to go above and beyond to fulfill your heating and cooling needs.

About Hallsville

Hallsville, TX, population 3,600, is a small town located about 13 miles west of the county seat of Marshall, in southwestern Harrison County. Situated at the intersection of U.S. Highway 80 and Farm Road 450 on the Union-Pacific Railroad, Hallsville, a one-traffic-light town prior to 2003, has experienced rapid growth during the past decade.

The city of Hallsville, TX was established by Squire W.C. Crawford in the 1840s as a remote settlement just one mile west of the town’s current location. The settlement, named Fort Crawford, was built to provide protection against Indian attack and, between battles, was also used as a stopping place for travelers and scouts.

The town was first incorporated in 1870 and soon became a thriving center of business, thanks to its proximity to the railroad, which it used to ship its trade of wool, cotton, and hides. In 1873, changes to the railroad, which moved its local headquarters and shops to Marshall, slowed trade and lured residents away to greener pastures. The town’s population decreased by half (from 600 to 300) by 1892, but gradually recovered. As a result of the exodus, Hallsville shifted from a commerce-based economy to an agriculturally-based economy. The town’s incorporation lapsed during this period, and it wasn’t until 1935 that the town was finally reincorporated.

Today, Hallsville’s City Park is a popular attraction for anyone visiting the area and for local residents, as well. Encompassing an entire city block in downtown Hallsville, the City Park facilities are available daily for public use. A variety of City Park activities can enhance your visit to Hallsville, including walking or jogging on the scenic park trail; picnicking under the covered park pavilion; playing tennis, volleyball, or basketball on the park’s respective courts; or letting the children enjoy a little fun on the playground. Community events held at City Park will vary depending on when you visit. Some of these include Western Days, community mixers, fundraisers, and other local events that help you experience the color of the area.

The Hallsville, TX climate features hot summers and brisk winters, with an average July high of 95 degrees and an average January low of 36 degrees. The town averages 211 sunny days per year to help you enjoy your visit. Hallsville’s average annual rainfall is 46 inches, with August, September, and October being the lightest rainfall months of the year and January being by far the heaviest. This makes late summer and early to mid-fall the best times to visit the area. Rainfall in September is practically non-existent, though temperatures are still high. Though it rains a bit more in October, temperatures are much milder, making this an ideal month to visit for those who dislike the heat.

You’ll find barbecue, pizza, and Mexican restaurants, as well as a coffee shop and drive-in, right in town. For a bit more variety, nearby Marshall and Longview offer many more restaurant options, including steakhouses, seafood restaurants, a broader selection of barbecues, bars and grills, and more.

Several public golf courses are located within driving distance of Hallsville, in Longview, including Divine Nine & Alpine Target Golf, a nine-hole course, and two 18-hole courses: Alpine Golf Club and Wood Hollow Golf Club.

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